Trenbolone and Caffeine

Caffeine is the most effective nutrient to improve athletic performance, which helps to increase muscle size. There is evidence that he is able to increase testosterone levels, trenbolone side effects, improve attention and increase motivation, which makes it particularly effective in improving the physical facilities in terms of fatigue.

For example, in one study involving student athletes taking pre-workout caffeine and are in a state of sleep deprivation, it was found that during the training session, participants in the experiment independently choose heavier weights and perform more repetitions than in training when fatigued after receiving placebo.

In addition, caffeine is able to accelerate the recovery, so if you train twice a day, this is simply indispensable nutrient to improve results. In one study it was found that after the intense, exhausting glycogen training sessions, study participants who received post-workout carbohydrates along with eight milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight, and then, four hours later, make a second interval sprintovy test showed more high efficiency compared to the group receiving only carbohydrates. Caffeine-carbohydrate group lasted 48 minutes, carbohydrate group – 32 minutes, while the placebo group – only 19 minutes.

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Improving athletic performance depends on the dosage of caffeine – the usual coffee consumption probably does not play a special role here. Three milligrams per kilogram of body weight can increase the output power in the bench press (if you weigh 80 kilos, one milligram per kilogram of body weight can be obtained by drinking one energy drink or a cup of coffee, however, no trenbolone results, positive effects at the same time you do not get).

Meanwhile, in the above-mentioned study used eight milligrams per kilogram of body weight – a lot of that, of course, will cause a real burst of energy in the gym or on the track.

Ten of the most effective supplements for building muscle: Creatine and Trenbolone

Do you want to receive a higher increase in strength and muscle size? Take nutritional supplements wisely. There are certain nutrients that can provide an incredible difference in the results, – whey protein, leucine, creatine, trenbolone side effects – as well as other valuable supplements to which you should pay attention if you want to get the additional advantage over rivals. Creatine is the most studied sports performance booster among available today. It is the main source of fuel for the explosive, high-intensity workouts. In addition, studies show that the intake of this nutrient is able to accelerate the growth of muscle mass twice (one review scientific athletes celebrated an additional muscle growth in one or two kilos after 4-12 weeks of training).

In addition, creatine also accelerates the growth of power, increases the speed in the sprints and power generation, and helps burn fat. A recent analysis showed that the intake of traditional creatine loading dose volume of 20 grams daily for one week is not quite right. Optimal reserves of creatine intake reached 0.33 grams per kilogram of body weight. You can then use a maintenance dose of  creatine in a volume five grams per day, however, the “loaded” when it is possible to more frequently than every four weeks, especially when high intensity training and high volume.

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To download creatine and buy trenbolone requires the presence of insulin, so take it with carbohydrates or dietary supplements that stimulate insulin release such as fenugreek, or alpha-lipoic acid.


Take L-carnitine and Trenbolone to improve athletic performance and improve body composition

The consumption of L-Carnitine dressing yshaet athletic performance and helps burn fat and build muscle. A recent scientific review shows that in addition to increasing the use of fat by the body for energy consumption carnitine speeds up recovery and minimizing muscle damage.

Carnitine – is an essential nutrient for the human body, which has many physiological effects. In addition to buy trenbolone and to improving the fat burning effect of increasing the level of muscle carnitine can provide the following positive effects:

– Improving the vascular endothelial function, which in turn will increase the blood flow and improve cardiovascular function.

– Improving blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscle tissue – it will help to reduce muscle damage caused by exercise.

– The weakening of the damage by free radicals and accelerate the elimination of metabolites during intense workouts, which will weaken the muscle soreness.

– Accelerating recovery after intense training sessions, which will increase the training volume.

For example, in one study, with the participation of trained male triathletes have seen an increase athletic performance in the high-intensity training as a result of receiving L-carnitine for six months. The subjects took two grams of carnitine in combination with 80 grams of carbohydrates per day, and twice trenbolone results performed regular exercise throughout the study. As a result, it was found in muscle carnitine levels increase by 21 percent, which indicates the effective load carnitine muscle – which is why it is taken together with carbohydrates or omega-3 fats, as is necessary to load increase insulin levels.

The results showed that during the 30-min exercise with a load of 50 percent of the maximum used for the experiment at 55 percent less muscle glycogen compared to the placebo group. And during the 30-minute sessions with a load of 80 percent of the maximum observed at 44 percent reduced the accumulation of lactate and increased by 35 percent yield of working compared with the control group.

The accumulation of lactate in the muscles is the limiting factor, which reduces athletic performance, however, L-carnitine accelerates its excretion. This, as well as improved use of fuel, has allowed the test to increase the intensity of training, although they felt lighter – susceptibility produced efforts carnitine group was lower.

Other positive effects of the reception of carnitine include improved brain function and increase motivation.In addition, carnitine can accelerate the growth of muscles in response to strength training and reduce inflammation caused by vynoslivostnymi loads.

To maximize results, take at least two grams of L-carnitine per day (three to six grams will give a very strong effect) along with omega-3 fats, carbohydrates fenugreek or for the “download” carnitine in muscles.

In addition, for best effect, take L-carnitine for six months. The authors of the above-mentioned research point out that the duration of use was a key point that distinguishes them from other study shorter experiments and trenbolone cycle, which did not show a significant increase in exercise performance in athletes.